Volume 10: Why Access Matters | April 2019

Insights & Outlooks

To All the Students Who Earned Their Spot in College

For all of us who were first in our families to go to college.Who worked fast food or retail…

A Q&A with Geronimo Rodriguez, Chief Advocacy Officer at Ascension Texas

An attorney by training, Geronimo Rodriguez currently serves as the Chief Advocacy Officer for Ascension Texas, one of the…

Affordability & Responsiveness, Today's Students


We need to build a higher ed ecosystem in which learners enter and come back throughout their entire lives. We need more people serving those underserved populations. We need to serve them differently. We have to be a hell of a lot more effective with serving low-income students.


Student-Centric State Leadership: A Q&A with Zakiya Smith Ellis

Zakiya Smith Ellis, New Jersey’s Secretary of Higher Education, has played a significant role in shaping federal policy around…

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