Volume 8: Examining Issues in Equity | February 2019

Insights & Outlooks

Beating the Odds in Tennessee: A Q&A with Kenyatta Lovett, Executive Director of Complete Tennessee

Insights & Outlooks: Can you share more about your personal story and why equity in higher education matters to…

Affordable Higher Education is Essential to Preserving the Black Middle Class

Higher education has long been touted as a gateway to the middle class. This is especially critical for black…

Today's Students


We need to build a higher ed ecosystem in which learners enter and come back throughout their entire lives. We need more people serving those underserved populations. We need to serve them differently. We have to be a hell of a lot more effective with serving low-income students.


When Brand Names Don’t Fit

Over the past few decades, many education advocates and reformers have advanced a philosophy that what low income, students…

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