Volume 13: Summer Reading for Student Success

Insights & Outlooks

The Other Costs of College: Four Ways to Support Today’s Students Beyond Tuition

The idea of free college is currently dominating headlines and the 2020 Democratic primary race. And for good reason:…

How Can We Better Support Latinx Students?

My mother was raised in a low-income Mexican-American family. With this background she never imagined college as an option…

An In-depth Look at Student Enrollment Factors

A Q&A with Jonell Sanchez, Vice President of Education Solutions for The National Student Clearinghouse Insights & Outlooks: There…

Affordability & Responsiveness, Today's Students


When I think about today’s students and the challenges they face, I think about three areas: time, money and navigation. For time, recognizing that there’s just not enough of it. That calls on us to assess how we think about the learned and lived experiences of the students and how we help them to translate these into building competencies that can be measured and rewarded.


An Insider’s Look at Postsecondary Education in Louisiana

A Q&A with Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, Commissioner, Louisiana Commission of Higher Education  Today’s students are more diverse, older and…

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