Volume 5: Putting Students First? | November 2018

Insights & Outlooks

Creating Student-Centric Support Systems for Military-Connected Students

How can higher ed do a better job of serving those who have served us?

Why I Work So Hard for Returning Adult Students

It’s been almost nine months since Complete College America launched our newest Game Changer, A Better Deal for Returning…

Affordability & Responsiveness, Today's Students


Research suggests that although the vast majority of the foster youth hope to go to college, just 20 percent ever enroll, and as few as 2 percent ever obtain a bachelor’s degree. It’s a status quo that reinforces an unending cycle of poverty for many who leave foster care.


Breaking the Cycle through College Access: A Foster Youth Story

Why Edmundo Saavedra is optimistic about helping more foster youth access and finish college

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