Volume 7: Reforms in 2019 | January 2019

Insights & Outlooks

Balancing Quality with Innovation: Key Issues at Stake in Negotiated Rulemaking

This month, watchers of higher ed policy were busy with talk of negotiated rulemaking (or “neg reg”), as the…

Seeing the Forest Beyond the Trees: Connections in Negotiated Rulemaking

The US Department of Education’s (ED) proposals for new regulations presented to the negotiating team in the current negotiated…

Today's Students


We need to build a higher ed ecosystem in which learners enter and come back throughout their entire lives. We need more people serving those underserved populations. We need to serve them differently. We have to be a hell of a lot more effective with serving low-income students.


I’m Not Wonder Woman: A Student Parent’s Story

“There’s never enough time!”As a parent and student, I say this to myself nearly every semester, but yet I…

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