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Voices of Today’s Students

We’re on a mission to collect and share stories from today’s students to raise awareness of their different experiences, successes, and challenges. Today’s students are parents, working adults, veterans, online students and first-generation college-goers, and they need a system that is flexible, affordable and responsive to their needs. Help us tell their stories by joining Voices of Today’s Students, a national campaign about the lives of the modern student and their journeys through higher education.

Quality & Outcomes

High-quality outcomes are paramount, but current quality assurance approaches are inadequate. The nation needs a system of quality assurance based on high-quality learning and focused on students and their outcomes. Federal policy must raise the bar for quality, promote innovation and shift from inputs to outcomes.

Today’s Students

Today’s students are parents, working adults, part-time students, and veterans. They are more racially and economically diverse and attend part-time and online. Americans need a system that connects educational providers and employers, offers flexible programs focused on student success, and counts all high-quality learning wherever it happens.

Affordability & Responsiveness

The higher education landscape is undergoing significant changes,and it’s time for policy to catch up. Our global skills marketplace requires continuous education and learning beyond high school. Americans need a system that recognizes new credentials, enables access regardless of finances, and adapts to fit the needs of today’s students.

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