Expanding Opportunity for Today’s Students

Higher learning — education and training beyond high school — is the foundation for rebuilding and strengthening our economy. It allows thousands of Americans to return to work, increase their salaries, and support their families. Today’s students are the drivers of our recovery and growth, and supporting them today will lead to our success tomorrow.

We’ll continue to tirelessly work to make systemic changes in policy so that all of today’s students have the tools to succeed. We will build on our reform efforts to date and continue to advocate for policies that support today’s students, connect opportunity, and deliver value.

It’s a critical time for students, and the country, which presents a great opportunity — and a crucial need — to ensure that all of today’s students have the tools to succeed.

Higher Learning Advocates’
Three-Year Objectives


ensure students of color, student parents and adult learners are supported in the higher education system

enable students to access means-tested programs, such as SNAP and EITC, while they are enrolled in school

continue and codify advancements in meeting the needs of students during the COVID response to meet the needs of students even after the pandemic

advance a post-COVID vision of accountability that promotes the value of a postsecondary education for today’s students

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pave pathways between workforce training, work based learning, and higher education so that knowledge from multiple sources can be built upon

ensure learners can know, navigate and access higher learning options in pursuit of upward mobility

enable low-income individuals to access funding for the multiple forms of learning that fit their life circumstances and goals

shift the traditional national narrative to a comprehensive higher learning perspective for all of today’s learners, including the long-term unemployed and potential learners

Read our strategic plan here.


ensure today’s students voices are an integral part of the policy making process

build a groundswell of people and organizations who join us in creating the change we seek

amplify the support of champions, influencers and funders aligned with our agenda

Read our strategic plan here.

Our Three Areas of Focus

We advance policy solutions that create and sustain a system of higher learning that values all pathways to and through postsecondary learning, and that connects learners so that all learning is counted, valued, and transparent.

We identify and remove barriers in federal policy beyond the Higher Education Act that prevent students from accessing means-tested programs while they are enrolled in school and to recommend policy proposals to address the barriers to better serving today’s students.

We advance quality and accountability of institutions and programs for today’s students and propose new policy proposals, advance efforts to protect quality in a variety of legislative and administrative contexts, and build the case that quality and accountability is critical to student success.

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Uplifting Today’s Students’ Voices

Advancing the cause of today’s students is our work because too many students are not being served well by the systems and structures that were built for a very different type of student. And because we believe in practical, bipartisan, and systemic change so that all students have a chance to succeed.