‘A Necessary Start’: Statement on Release of New Gainful Employment Rule

Photo of Capitol HillWASHINGTON – Higher Learning Advocates (HLA) released a statement in response to the U.S. Department of Education’s recent release of their proposed Gainful Employment Rule. 

“Transparency and accountability are pivotal to ensure today’s students finish a program of study financially better off than when they started. 

Higher Learning Advocates applauds the Department of Education for its recently released proposed regulation for reinstating the Gainful Employment Rule. Today’s students pursue career-focused postsecondary credentials to increase their earning potential and change their socioeconomic trajectory. These rules provide the guardrails to do just that. 

In particular, we are thankful to the Department for establishing an earnings threshold and collecting and distributing earnings data from all programs of study to provide transparency for students looking to make an informed decision about their program of study. HLA supported these changes in our recent submission to ED’s request for information regarding public transparency for low-financial-value postsecondary programs. While we believe there is room to grow, including ensuring the earnings thresholds reflect regional labor market variation and accounting for those individuals with lower level skills, we believe this is a necessary start. 

We look forward to providing comments and helping to refine further so that the final rules best support today’s students,” said Julie Peller, executive director of Higher Learning Advocates.

About Higher Learning Advocates

Higher Learning Advocates (HLA) is the leading bipartisan nonprofit organization that advocates for today’s students and their postsecondary success through policy and systems change. Established in 2017, HLA advocates for policies and support programs that ensure opportunity and promote inclusive pathways for all learners to succeed through an equitable system of higher learning, employment, and economic mobility.

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