‘A Necessary Start’: Statement on Release of New Gainful Employment Rule

Washington, D.C. –  Higher Learning Advocates (HLA) released a statement in response to the U.S. Department of Education’s recent release of their proposed Gainful Employment Rule.  “Transparency and accountability are pivotal to ensure today’s students finish a program of study financially better off than when they started.  Higher Learning Advocates applauds the Department of Education for…

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MarketWatch: Debt cancellation got all the attention, but this Biden proposal could impact student-loan borrowers more, critics and advocates say

 “When President Joe Biden announced in August that his administration planned to cancel $10,000 in federal student debt for most borrowers, Allison Daurio felt some relief. Under the White House’s debt forgiveness plan, Daurio , 29 would see about one-quarter of her student loan balance wiped away. But as she read more closely through the…

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Born of Necessity, Emergency Student Aid Should Become Standard Operating Procedure

HLA Insights and Outlooks Born of necessity, emergency student aid should become standard operating procedure David Helene

In the wake of two years that have upended the financial and educational well-being of millions of students, emergency aid has become a watchword of the day for many higher education institutions. Once thought of as “point solutions” used by a relatively small number of colleges and universities, cash assistance programs are now increasingly commonplace…

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Embedding Equity within Indiana’s Educational Attainment Goals

HLA Insights and Outlooks Embedding Equity within Indiana's educational attainment goals Commissioner Teresa Lubbers

In early 2020, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education released its fourth strategic plan, Reaching Higher in a State of Change, which provides a vision and a blueprint focused on pathways for student success from the recent high school graduate to the returning adult—ensuring greater economic opportunity and a stronger Indiana. The Commission identified three…

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A Second Chance at Higher Education

HLA Insights and Outlooks A second chance at higher education Cordero Holmes

Growing up in a low socioeconomic area in Phoenix, Arizona, surrounded by gangs, violence, and drugs, I never thought that college was a place for me. Instead, as a teen, I envisioned myself selling drugs, robbing people, and spending most of my days in prison. So when I was 20 years old and was sentenced…

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Rethinking PLA: The Urgency of Counting Prior Learning

As the country works toward economic recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are at least 10 million unemployed Americans, many of whom are looking to higher education as a pathway to their next career step. Now more than ever, adult learners are keenly aware of the return of investment they receive from…

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Miami Dade Biotechnology Bachelor’s Degree

stethoscope on medical chart

Jose Thompson arrived at Miami Dade College in 2005, ready to pursue an associate degree. On a student visa from the Bahamas, his longtime dream was to go to pharmacy school in the US and return to the Bahamas to open his own pharmacy. But after the celebration for earning his associate degree quieted down,…

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The Phoenix

unlit lightbulb on a chalkboard

Here I lay on my pyre, contemplating change and my eventual rise. My rise was not certain because I was dying a slow death of isolation, shame, and the contempt that surrounded me.  Higher education saved my life. Access to higher education counteracts these circumstances and this is not an exaggeration. I challenge the reader…

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A New Model for Adult Learners

man working in an empty office

Nearly half of the American higher education population consists of working adults—over age 24, attending college part time, and balancing family, work, and school. Most of these learners are seeking knowledge and skills that will enhance their professional lives. They see higher education as an adjunct to their professional development. For many of these students,…

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