Ellie Kaverman

Ellie Kaverman

Program Associate, Communications and Policy

Ellie joined Higher Learning Advocates to help build a more equitable and accessible higher education system. She works with HLA’s communication and policy teams to develop, write, and disseminate policy briefs and materials.

Previously, Ellie worked on economic policy and anti-poverty programs at The Century Foundation. From both her professional and personal experiences, she sees higher learning as a crucial component to economic mobility. Prior to working at The Century Foundation, Ellie worked at a variety of organizations, including as a Finance Assistant on a congressional campaign and on the policy team at a juvenile justice nonprofit in Indiana. 

Ellie holds a Master of Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University. During her time at IU, she worked with the university’s Office of the Bicentennial to create the Bridging the Visibility Gap project, which sought to bring hidden figures of the university to light and make the institution’s historical narrative more inclusive. 

In her free time, Ellie enjoys hiking with friends, baking her favorite chocolate chip cookies, and going to yoga classes. You can find Ellie on Twitter at @EllieKaverman.