Issue 20: Bridging the Connection Between Higher Education and the Workforce

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Andy MacCracken

Andy MacCracken

Co-Founder & Executive Director, National Campus Leadership Council

Andy is executive director of National Campus Leadership Council (NCLC), which he co-founded NCLC in 2012 with the mission to empower student leaders to be influential stakeholders in the public discourse. Since its launch, NCLC has extended its reach to student body presidents at more than 500 campuses nationwide. Andy is a leading advocate for student voice in public policy, helping major stakeholders in the public and private sectors engage campuses on key issues. He helped the Obama White House launch several policy initiatives, including introducing President Obama when the President took action to support student loan borrowers and speaking at the It’s On Us campaign launch. He has previously led the DC Student Alliance and served as president of the American University Student Government. Andy grew up in Colorado and earned his B.A. in political science and masters in public administration at American University.

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