Today’s Students and the Evolving Equity Movement in Higher Education

Family celebrating with Grad

The march toward equity has been, for nearly a century, a hallmark in the history of American education. The movement gained nationwide momentum with the historic Brown v. Board of Education decision at the Supreme Court, which found school segregation unconstitutional and established full and equal access to public education as protected under the Constitution.…

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How Tennessee is Writing a New Narrative about College Opportunity

Student with backpack leaving building

The last few years have been a time of pivotal change and dramatic progress in Tennessee, and our state’s focus on higher education has played a significant role in this advancement. We are experiencing record low unemployment, leading the nation in the growth of student outcomes in K-12 education, and are proud to be home…

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FAFSA Verification Melt is Trending for All The Wrong Reasons

FASA Logo cursor clicking for student grants

Nearly half of low-income students who are accepted to college never show up for the first day of classes. Bogged down by the complex and paperwork-intensive financial aid process, would-be enrollees simply drop out before they start. At a federal level, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has become an easy scapegoat when…

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Whatever It Takes: The Student Success Renaissance at Paul Quinn College

For most college presidents, converting the school’s football field into an organic farm would be a career-ending move. For Michael Sorrell, it was just the beginning of a historic turnaround that’s occurred at the 146-year-old institution where he serves as president. Facing sagging enrollment, financial challenges and growing questions about the relevance of its mission,…

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Student Voice: A First-Generation Advocate for Equity in Education

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Editor’s Note: Moises Mendoza is a rising senior at Williams College where he is majoring in Political Science, and English, while also fulfilling a Latinx Studies concentration. A first-generation college student from Minnesota, Moises serves as the current co-President of the student government, which allows him to see close up how a college operates and learn…

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101: Pell Grant Rainy Day Fund

As the signature federal student aid program providing college access to low and middle-income Americans, the Pell Grant program is a vital bridge to higher education opportunity. Pell Grants have enabled millions of Americans to pursue higher learning by distributing need-based aid to students who otherwise would not be able to afford tuition. Funding the Pell Grant…

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State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Education Policies

State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Learning Education Policies Four Adults around poster for Unlocking College Students Opportunities For Today's Students

National higher education policy should be built around the needs and priorities of students, who are taking different pathways through higher education as part-time students, adults, workers, transfers, parents, and more. At Higher Learning Advocates’ first Champions Network briefing on Capitol Hill, “Unlocking College Opportunity for Today’s Students”, policymakers and higher education advocates were able…

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