Higher Learning Advocates Endorses the Accreditation Reform Act

WASHINGTON — Julie Peller, Executive Director of Higher Learning Advocates, made the following statement to express Higher Learning Advocates’ support for the Accreditation Reform Act introduced by Congresswoman Lori Trahan (D-MA):

“Today’s students deserve a system of higher learning that ensures high-quality outcomes and a provides a positive return on their investment. Our accreditation system is paramount to focusing on and uplifting high-quality education, and federal policy should reflect those goals. 

Providing today’s students with clearer information on the accreditation process and doubling-down on high-quality outcomes moves us in the right direction. Higher Learning Advocates commends Congresswoman Trahan on her commitment to supporting the success of today’s students.” 


Higher Learning Advocates is a bipartisan non-profit organization that advocates for solutions to break down systemic barriers and support the success of today’s students in their pursuit of education and skills development beyond high school. We advance federal policies that create transparent pathways to success, incentivize innovation, protect students and taxpayers, and improve student outcomes.