Trump Wants to Use Extra Pell Money for NASA. But That Surplus Is There for a Good Reason.

Julie Peller is quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education where she argues that it is critical to preserve the Pell surplus in case of a future economic downturn.
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Bridging the Gap on Accountability

Source: Inside Higher Ed
Emily Bouck West was quoted in Inside Higher Ed where she argues for using metrics other than the cohort default rate to hold institutions of higher education accountable for student outcomes.
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Four Ways Congress Can Help A New Generation of Students

Source: Real Clear Education
Julie Peller’s latest op-ed discusses ways policymakers can better align federal policy to ensure the success of today’s students.
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Workforce Development in 2019: U.S. Policy and Practice

Source: Training Industry
In an interview with Training Industry, Emily Bouck West argues that stakeholders and policymakers should work to build stronger linkages between the higher education and workforce systems.
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College students of the future could get their career prep from private companies, not universities

Julie Peller was quoted in Market Watch where she argued that the current higher education system is not designed to reflect the demographics of today’s college students.
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College Completion Rates Are Up, But The Numbers Will Still Surprise You

Source: NPR
Julie Peller was quoted in an NPR segment on college completion, where she argued that today’s students need to not only complete, but also see an economic return on their postsecondary degree or credential.
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5 ideas for change in higher ed from SXSW EDU

Source: Education Dive
Julie Peller participated in a panel at SXSW EDU where she discussed why it is critical for policymakers and institutions of higher education to better understand the evolving needs of today’s students.
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Can they find common ground on HEA?

Source: Community College Daily
Julie Peller was on a panel at the Inside Higher Education Leadership Series event, where she discussed challenges Congress may encounter while working toward comprehensive HEA reauthorization.
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