One Flat Tire Away

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education
“When Megan Reid graduated from high school in Lenoir County, North Carolina, she had dreams of becoming a scientist. She secured a full ride to East Carolina University, in Greenville, N.C., to study chemistry but had to drop out when she became pregnant with her son, Dylan, now 7. ‘After that, I kind of piddled…...
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Not Just One and Done

Not Just One and Done

Source: The Job
“Policy discussions often position workforce education and traditional college as being in opposition—a zero-sum game where you’re either for degrees and view short-term credentials as a threat, or you think college is broken and should be ditched for apprenticeships or other alternatives. This binary thinking presents a false dilemma, ac...
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Debt cancellation got all the attention, but this Biden proposal could impact student-loan borrowers more, critics and advocates say

Source: MarketWatch
“When President Joe Biden announced in August that his administration planned to cancel $10,000 in federal student debt for most borrowers, Allison Daurio felt some relief. Under the White House’s debt forgiveness plan, Daurio , 29 would see about one-quarter of her student loan balance wiped away. But as she read more closely through the&h...
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Hope Center’s Policy Summit Pushes to End Student Basic Need Insecurity

Source: Diverse
“Javier Gomez was living with his grandparents in Portland when he started out at Portland Community College (PCC). But he grew concerned as the housing market increased the rent of the two-bedroom apartment where they lived. ‘I didn’t want to create a strain on my grandparents,’ said Gomez. ‘I was in college. I couldn’t...
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New Income Driven Student Loan Repayment Plan Could Impact Borrowers’ Finances Positively for Decades

Source: Yahoo
“Much of the public focus on President Joe Biden’s loan forgiveness plan has zeroed in on two things: the extension of the federal student loan payment pause until the end of the year and the $10,000 in loan forgiveness to individual borrowers who meet certain income requirements. But for many borrowers, the biggest long-term impact is an...
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The ‘sleeper-hit’ beyond $10K: Student loan borrowers say new income-driven repayment plan could be ‘life-changing’

Source: CNBC
“The day the Biden administration unveiled its highly anticipated student loan forgiveness plan was a ‘celebratory day’ for Justin Short. Short, 34, graduated from the University of Missouri in 2012 with a degree in hospitality management, $47,000 in federal student loans and $5,800 in private student loans. Like many borrowers, h...
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Fact-checking 6 Criticisms of Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

Source: TIME
“When President Joe Biden announced his plan on Wednesday to forgive a portion of the federal student loan debt held by millions of Americans, he set off a fiery national argument from just about every corner of the ideological spectrum. ‘An entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt,’ Biden said at the White House.&...
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Education industry looks to balance OPM oversight between institutional control and federal regulation

Source: EdScoop
“The education industry is trying to find a balance between institutional control of the relationships between colleges and the vendors they pay for online program management services and federal oversight of the technology, which the U.S. Education Department said last month it’s reviewing. Panelists at a virtual event Wednesday hosted by...
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