Unveiling the New TodaysStudents.org

How well do you know today’s students? Their stories may surprise you.

Over the past few months, we’ve been reaching out to students and collecting stories that showcase just a few of the incredible individuals who are balancing family, career, finances, and education.

At the newly-revamped TodaysStudents.org, you can listen to first-hand stories from student parents, veterans, working adults, first-generation students and more. There, you can also find resources, policy strategies, interactive content and more.

Today’s students are in every state and Congressional District in this country, and they deserve policy that works for them. That’s why our new recommendations are designed to help federal policy and higher education adapt to the changing needs of today’s students and the new path to a credential.

We all share the goal of making college more affordable and valuable. To get there, the first step is recognizing who today’s students really are. We invite you to learn more and look forward to continuing this conversation.