2019… 11 years into the Higher Education Opportunity Act

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So much has happened since the last Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization – the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008. NASA scientists found water on Mars. Music streaming platforms were invented. Ridesharing apps have become one of the most popular forms of transportation.  In 2019, we’ve reached the 11th year since Congress has rewritten the…

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Policies Needed for Online Learners in 2020

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Online learning plays a critical role for today’s students by offering greater flexibility to accommodate work schedules and, in many cases, creating more affordable pathways to credentials. However, concerns over quality and potential bad actors have inspired repeated attempts to regulate distance education in a manner that appropriately balances innovation with quality assurance and consumer…

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Community College Leaders Band Together to Advocate for Today’s Students

The characteristics of individuals enrolling in postsecondary education today are significantly different than they were when the Higher Education Act was first passed by Congress in the 1960s. Over 70 percent of today’s postsecondary students can be described as “non-traditional”—balancing work and family obligations while attending classes.  At the community college level, this trend is…

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4 Ways Congress Made Progress Supporting Today’s Students in 2019

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Washington has earned a reputation in recent years for being so mired in partisan politics that it is unable to act effectively. However, that sweeping assessment misses the fact that there has been some bipartisan action on Capitol Hill on certain issues, including education and skills development. With 2019 coming to an end, it’s worth…

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State of the Military-Connected Student Community in 2019

Military-Connected Student works on a laptop

This year we’ve enjoyed enormous momentum in policy, advocacy, and legislation on issues important to military-connected students that sets up ambitious goals for 2020. Legislation was introduced in both sides of Congress which, if passed, would demonstrably improve the educational experiences for military-connected students and ensure better outcomes and greater accountability.  Our State of the…

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The Higher Education Act Reauthorization Needs to Focus on #RealCollege Students

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When Congress reauthorizes the Higher Education Act, it must invest in a higher education system that leverages talent in order to propel innovation, create healthier communities, and fuel a more just economy that works for all.  Doing so requires a clear focus on supporting today’s #RealCollege students. #RealCollege students know that it is easier to…

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A Q&A with Julie Peller, Executive Director for Higher Learning Advocates

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Insights & Outlooks: Last month marked the 11th anniversary of the last reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA). For HEA to better support today’s students, what are you hoping to see updated in the next reauthorization of HEA? Today’s students are now more diverse in age, race, and income level than any previous generation.…

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