I&O Masterpiece

This is an I&O piece written by Mad Cool. She is writing this Insights & Outlooks piece to remind you to add her as a user mcool, do not send me an email to confirm my user profile. Please add me as a team member but I am not a team member I am a…

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Campus Mental Health Awareness Leads Policy Efforts at the Federal and State Level

The mental health crisis on college campuses, prior to 2020, often referred to the overwhelming demand on campus mental health centers and their frequent inability to meet that demand. Waiting lists and inadequate staffing levels to support student mental health needs were often at the center of the discussion. Along came the COVID-19 pandemic, which…

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Fall 2020: A Senior In The Making, A Mother Soon Breaking

woman holding awake infant frustratedly staring at laptop screen

I, like the rest of nearly four million student parents, am already juggling a million different tasks all at once. Student parents juggle ever so carefully because we have perfectly balanced everything out. However, in March, those carefully balanced tasks were all thrown out of balance and we were tasked with yet another hundred things…

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