Building Inclusive Pathways to Skills for the Digital Economy

man soldering circuit board

There is no shortage of reports on the future of work in a digital economy and others documenting the skills gap. PwC’s Talent Trends 2019 reports a steep increase in concerns among CEOs—to nearly three quarters—about the availability of skills and half reported that this gap is limiting innovation. Despite a dramatic increase in the…

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Improving Workforce Success among America’s College Students

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As the presidential campaign of 2020 kicks into high gear, the stagnation of worker earnings in recent decades has drawn much attention and comment from the candidates. Yet, outside of advocating for a few trendy proposals like free college, the candidates have said little to date on how to improve education and skills, especially those…

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Higher Ed: Please Show Your Work. Make Student Learning Visible to Employers.

colored graph on a tablet

Remember when your math teacher in grade school required you to “show your work,” so that they could see the steps you took to solve a problem?  Whether your answer was correct or incorrect, they could see the extent to which you had mastered the problem solving technique and identify areas where additional practice was…

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Are short-term credentials really the best thing since sliced bread?

knife cutting into a loaf of bread next to a stack of slices

The accelerating pace of workplace change raises the specter that formal degrees no longer meet workplace demands and might not be providing the skills and competencies that employers require and workers need. This sense of urgency has shined the spotlight on short-term credentials. Short-term credentials—such as certifications, certificates, and badges—appear attractive because they purport to…

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Transforming the Transcript

laptop set up for audio editing next to the turntable on a desk

Flipping the Script: Making sure all learning counts. “I was worried I would not be able to find a job due to my lack of experience, inadequate resume and now, time away from the workforce. I continued to apply for work. To my dismay, my resume did not demonstrate that I was a strong enough…

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Capturing All Learning, and Documenting It, Too

Elon University serves as one of the leaders in experiential education, expanding students’ knowledge beyond the classroom to the real world. These experiences, ranging from internships to study abroad, have become strongholds of an Elon education and is what drew us to pick Elon as the college we both wanted to attend. But we both…

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The Digital Badge Revolution

an image filled with various sized and styles of pins

For better or worse, we live in a society in which credentials are currency.  A credential is a signal that the bearer has participated in and successfully completed some type of formal learning. Some credentials are broad and encompassing while others are highly specialized.  In spite of the vast number of credentials awarded by an…

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Backgrounder: Evolving Models of Postsecondary Learning

student in class sitting with a laptop and notebook

Today’s students—who are more likely to be workers, parents, returning adults, veterans, and more—may have postsecondary education experiences and pathways that don’t fit traditional molds. They no longer follow a single and consistent pathway to a degree. Today’s students need access to more flexible higher learning pathways and delivery models, as well as access to…

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