An Insider’s Look at Postsecondary Education in Louisiana

Kim Hunter Reed

A Q&A with Dr. Kim Hunter Reed, Commissioner, Louisiana Commission of Higher Education   Today’s students are more diverse, older and juggling multiple demands on their time while pursuing postsecondary education. The complex lives of today’s students often contribute to challenges in their ability to persist through their program of study and complete a credential. If…

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Taxpayers should demand a return on their investment in higher education

three people placing bets on a blackjack table

Another April 15th has come and gone, which means hundreds of millions of Americans have filed their income taxes. Well, what if I told you the federal government is spending your tax dollars every year on higher education institutions that graduate only one out of 10 students?  $108 million annually to be exact. Would you…

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A Year in Review: Reflections on 2018 and the Year Ahead

Sunset on the Horizon

As 2018 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back at what turned out to be a dynamic and fascinating year of developments in higher education policy and practice and look forward to the year ahead. As federal policymakers and advocates are working toward updating major laws—including the Higher Education Act—and regulations, consider…

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Student Perspectives on Quality and Accountability

Washington D.C. policy experts, government officials, groups representing thousands of colleges nationwide, and dozens of other stakeholders have been debating how to evaluate and ensure the quality of educational programs and the government’s role in doing so for years. However, despite the high levels of time and money students invest in our postsecondary education system,…

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Renewing the Higher Education Accountability Coalition

Accountability is easy in the abstract. That’s true at the national level, it’s true at the state-level and it’s true at every college and university. When we keep it vague, the accountability coalition is a big tent. Everyone in public life favors ambitious goals and sensible reforms. But when you get down to the hard…

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Credential Transparency: Essential for Education and Training Accountability

It’s ironic, but true: right now it’s easier to find rich, comparable, transparent data when shopping for cars, airline tickets, phones, washing machines—just about anything—than it is to find similar information across the breadth and depth all types of credentials available today. Try it. If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s relatively…

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Value, Accreditation, Accountability: A Dispatch from the Field

The prospect – some say threat –  of the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA) has animated many lively discussions regarding the value of higher education, the integrity of the accreditation process, and the effectiveness of the existing accountability framework. With the possibility of a vote on reauthorization this summer, here is one perspective…

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