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Zenani Johnson

Zenani Johnson

Student, University of West Florida

Zenani D. Johnson is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology at the University of West Florida (UWF). She began her work in advocacy and student government during her early high school years. In her freshman year at UWF, Zenani founded the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP), which provides free housing and social services assistance for students experiencing homelessness or at risk of impending homeless. Zenani is the current Chair of the Florida Student Association (FSA), where she has been an active member for several years. She is a longtime participant of the annual Rally in Tally, advocating on behalf of students in the state university system. Zenani Johnson is also a current member of the Florida Board of Governors, where she serves as the student representative. Zenani has the unique opportunity to represent and advocate for over 400,000 students throughout the state of Florida.

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