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Pam Bowers

Pam Bowers

Associate Vice President, University of South Carolina

Pam Bowers is associate vice president for planning, assessment and innovation at the University of South Carolina. She leads a collaborative effort among the divisions of student affairs, information technology, and academic affairs to improve the quality of institutional data on student engagement and learning in experiential high-impact programs and the co-curriculum.  Pam’s work with the UofSC team to design a system for documenting and recording co-curricular student engagement and learning, Beyond The Classroom Matters®, is an expansion of her ongoing focus on continuous improvement through documentation and analysis of educational program purpose, design, and achievement of results. 

Pam is the primary author of a forthcoming book, Beyond The College Transcript, to be published in March 2020 by NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Behavioral Studies in Education from Oklahoma State University. 

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