Nikhil Vashee

Nikhil Vashee

Senior Manager for Policy and Strategic Initiatives

Nikhil joined the HLA team to leverage his policy and public service experience to help build an equitable higher education system that works for today’s students.

Nikhil previously worked at the DC Public Charter School Board, where he managed the charter reviews to hold schools accountable to serving their students. Before that, he was a policy analyst at DC Public Schools, where he developed compliance policies which guided the work of the school district.

Nikhil grew up in California after immigrating there from the UK at an early age. His family had immigrated from India, to Zambia, and to the UK, before finally arriving in the US. As the first member of his immediate family to earn a four-year degree, Nikhil has experienced the way that higher education can transform lives.

In his free time, Nikhil engages in self-proclaimed “nerdy” hobbies like video games, comic books, and local beer. He can be found on Twitter at @NVashee.