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Michele Siqueiros

Michele Siqueiros

President, The Campaign for College Opportunity

Michele Siqueiros oversees the organization’s strategy, policy priorities, fundraising, and serves as the leading spokesperson for our work. Michele has been with the Campaign since 2004, serving first as the Associate Director and the past seven years as Executive Director and was named President in 2014. With her leadership in 2010, the Campaign led the effort for historic transfer reform that will make it easier for students to transfer from any California Community College to the California State University system and most recently led support for the passage of the Student Success Act of 2012.

She currently serves on the Boards of the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), The EdSource Advisory Council, Alliance for a Better Community (ABC), and from 2011-2014, Michele served as a gubernatorial appointee to the California Student Aid Commission, the state agency responsible for distributing and awarding over $1.7 billion annually in Cal Grant aid to California college students. In 2015, the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation named her their Woman of the Year. Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) named Michele their HOPE Treasure in 2014. That same year, La Opinion Newspaper gave her the Hispanic Leader Award for her leadership in education. In 2008, La Opinion named her one of Los Angeles’ Mujeres Destacadas (Outstanding Woman). She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies and Chicano/a Studies from Pitzer College and her Master of Arts in Urban Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is based in our Los Angeles office.

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