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Leanne Davis

Leanne Davis

Assistant Director of Applied Research, Institute for Higher Education Policy

Leanne Davis is an Assistant Director of Applied Research at the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), where she handles projects and research focused on postsecondary degree completion, including leading IHEP’s Degrees When Due initiative. As part of this nationwide project to reengage adult learners and promote degree reclamation, Davis develops learning experiences for practitioners to apply IHEP’s research in practice and conducts groundbreaking research focused on postsecondary completion. Her foci include state policy and funding for postsecondary education, equity in postsecondary access and completion, and innovative programs that support students from historically underrepresented populations.

Davis’s nearly one decade as a college counselor fueled her interest in understanding how students decide where to attend college and how resources available to them inform that decision. Prior to joining IHEP, Davis conducted in-depth research into adult college completion and college financing.

Before shifting to higher education, Davis worked for several years in various non-profit management and fundraising settings.

Davis earned her M.A. from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University, with a concentration in higher education policy and finance. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. degree in Political Science and served as a Naval Aviator.

Outside of IHEP, Davis serves as President of the Board of Trustees of Aidan Montessori School and is an avid cyclist and swimmer. 

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