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Hadass Sheffer

Hadass Sheffer

President, Graduate! Network, Inc.

Hadass Sheffer is the Founding President of The Graduate! Network, Inc. and the co-founder and first executive director of Graduate! Philadelphia, the program that launched the Network. Her vision and drive are to align systems and services so that every adult has the resources and connections to earn their postsecondary credentials and realize their career and personal goals. Under her leadership, The Graduate! Network is building regional and state capacity across the country for getting more adults to finish college. Much of Hadass’ career has centered on education and creating opportunities for positive change in higher education on behalf of underserved populations. Prior to Graduate! Philadelphia, she served as Director of Higher Education Fellowships and Program Development at the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. Her portfolio included several higher ed fellowships, campus-community grants for the 2000 White House initiative Imagining America, and Humanities@Work, a program that introduced doctoral students to non-academic careers. Earlier, she taught adult students at Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania’s College of General Studies, and “traditional” students at Swarthmore College. In between, she worked for an electronic publishing company. Hadass earned an MBA from Temple University and completed doctoral coursework in Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Her B.A. in Linguistics is from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


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