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Eric Fotheringham

Eric Fotheringham

Director of Strategic Academic Initiatives, UNC System Office

Eric Fotheringham serves as the Director of Strategic Academic Initiatives in Academic Affairs for the UNC System Office. In this role, he serves as the project director for a number of adult learner and part-way home student initiatives, as well as grant-funded projects focused on expanding student success in innovative ways.  One of his primary projects is the Adult Promise grant from the Lumina Foundation that is (in partnership with the North Carolina Community College System) expanding data analysis efforts around degree completion, developing a statewide, online platform for adult learners, and coordinating the development of prior learning assessment programs for both systems.  In addition to the work on adult and part-way home students, he works on research, evaluation, and assessment of strategic initiatives throughout the division and with the system’s 17 constituent institutions.  Prior to this work, he worked extensively in the public and nonprofit sectors working with immigrant and refugee communities throughout the United States, particularly Latinos in the South, and is fluent in Spanish. He received his PhD in Public Administration from NC State University, and also earned an MPA in Public Administration from the University of Georgia and a BA in English from Brigham Young University.

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