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Chandra Scott

Chandra Scott

Director, Strategic Outcomes, Mobile Area Education Foundation

Chandra C. Scott is the Director of Strategic Outcomes for the Mobile Area Education Foundation in Mobile, AL. She has provided strategic direction and branding as an advocate for education equality for more than 18 years. This experience equipped Scott to serve on the leadership team for the State’s first Charter School, ACCEL Day and Evening Academy.

Through Scott’s leadership, Mobile, AL is one of 75 cities to receive funding from Lumina Foundation to implement the Community Partnership for Attainment grant and is the only city in its cohort of 25 cities to receive the Community Partnership for Attainment Best Practice Expo Award.

Scott has earned a certificate in Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s in chemistry from Xavier University in New Orleans, LA. She was also selected by America’s Promise Alliance to complete the Data Leadership Initiative at Tuft’s University in Boston, MA.

Chandra Scott led the launch of the Alabama’s first post-secondary attainment goal and blueprint in January 2017 known as 75,000 Degrees in Mobile, AL. The impact of this work positioned Mobile to be 1 of 24 cities to earn the Talent Hub designation by Lumina Foundation in May 2018.

Scott is a graduate of Coastal Leadership Alabama and serves on boards of community organizations locally and throughout the state.

She and her husband, Loren, have been married since 2004. They have two children–a fourteen year old daughter Leah and a six year old son Logan.

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