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Benjamin Forrest

Benjamin Forrest

Student, Frostburg State University

Benjamin Forrest is President of the University System of Maryland Student Council. He also serves as Vice President of the Frostburg State University Student Government Association and previously served as President and Student Affairs Chair. Ben also serves on the Maryland Youth Advisory Council representing the University System of Maryland. Ben is a Senior at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, MD studying Political Science with a minor in Mathematics. He is from Hagerstown, MD.

Through his time involved in student government, Ben has worked diligently to ensure that everyone has a voice and is welcome at the table. He values input from all areas and feels that everyone should have the opportunity to express their opinions, whether they agree or disagree. Ben is passionate about helping others and furthering the inclusion of students in shared governance processes on campus as a way to ensure student needs are being best served in campus decision-making.

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