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Adrian Williams

Adrian Williams

Student Body Vice-President , Wright State University

Adrian is an aspiring physician-scientist with a desire to work at the intersection of politics, policy advocacy, & science. He is currently working on research projects at both Harvard Medical School & Weill Cornell Medical College in addition to being employed by a Forensic Bioinformatics firm. He has formal research experience in neuroscience, computational/systems biology, & forensic bioinformatics & plans to continue his research in graduate school by pursuing a joint MD/PhD degree upon graduating from college.

In addition to research, Adrian is heavily involved in politics & policy advocacy. He works closely with the Ohio Inter-University Council, the Ohio Faculty Council, the Ohio Dept. of Higher Education, & he has met with various International Health Officers & World Health Organization (WHO) Officials on global health policy topics. He also had the opportunity to write policy briefs on global health issues when he attended the annual WHO meeting last year at the Swiss UN building.

He currently serves as the Student Body Vice-President at WSU & represents over 13,500 unique students in that capacity. He was chosen by the President of his University to be WSU’s 2018-2019 Newman Civic Fellow in recognition of his commitment to civic engagement, minority advancement in Higher Education, & global health policy advocacy. He is the Executive-Director of the Ohio Student Government Association & represents the over 450,000 undergraduate students in Ohio in that role, in addition to coordinating the lobbying & policy efforts of all Student Governments across the State of Ohio. In addition, Adrian has been invited by state lawmakers to testify to various Ohio Congressional Committees on several occasions & has met with over 60 state lawmakers on behalf of Ohio Students to lobby for improvements to higher education policy.

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