Credential Transparency: Essential for Education and Training Accountability

It’s ironic, but true: right now it’s easier to find rich, comparable, transparent data when shopping for cars, airline tickets, phones, washing machines—just about anything—than it is to find similar information across the breadth and depth all types of credentials available today. Try it. If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s relatively…

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The Big Fix: Rethinking Education and Workforce

Construction Worker placing rebar for building next to a highway

By all accounts, our country needs a trillion dollars or more to rebuild crumbling highways, bridges, and other infrastructure. We also need a plan to shore up education and training after high school— but this is one area we can improve with the resources already there. Last month the Trump administration, as part of a…

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Strategic Coalitions Key to Improving South Carolina’s Workforce Readiness

South Carolina's Ribbon Cutting

The Boeing Company’s opens its Commercial Airplane Decorative Paint Facility in North Charleston, SC, USA. Source: Flickr. South Carolina’s current economic climate is undeniably one of growth.  The South Carolina Department of Commerce is projecting solid growth for 2018 and the transportation, manufacturing, and education sectors, among others, are all showing net gains. This level…

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