Parent, Provider, Employee and Student: Making it All Work

Editor’s Note: This article is an expanded story based on John Englehart’s video submission to Voices of Today’s Students,  a national campaign to educate policymakers about the demographic shift and experiences of the modern higher learning student, highlight their needs, and discuss policy barriers and solutions to increasing student success. My story as a non-traditional…

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State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Education Policies

State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Learning Education Policies Four Adults around poster for Unlocking College Students Opportunities For Today's Students

National higher education policy should be built around the needs and priorities of students, who are taking different pathways through higher education as part-time students, adults, workers, transfers, parents, and more. At Higher Learning Advocates’ first Champions Network briefing on Capitol Hill, “Unlocking College Opportunity for Today’s Students”, policymakers and higher education advocates were able…

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