Built in Detroit: Strengthening the Motor City’s Talent Pipeline

Detroit City Skyline on water

With the economic reality that two-thirds of jobs will require education beyond high school by 2020, it’s clear that education or training beyond high school is a prerequisite for individuals to flourish in an increasingly complex and fluid talent economy. This also has clear, and worrying, implications for recovering economies across the United States: businesses…

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It’s Time for a Real Definition of Student Success

I work for a 16,000-member association that, like many other higher education organizations, has a goal of helping all students succeed. In fact, I think the words “student success”, particularly for undergraduate students, may finally be popular enough to surpass “big data”, which are two words that I think have permeated nearly every institution over…

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State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Education Policies

State Leaders Press for Student-Centered Higher Learning Education Policies Four Adults around poster for Unlocking College Students Opportunities For Today's Students

National higher education policy should be built around the needs and priorities of students, who are taking different pathways through higher education as part-time students, adults, workers, transfers, parents, and more. At Higher Learning Advocates’ first Champions Network briefing on Capitol Hill, “Unlocking College Opportunity for Today’s Students”, policymakers and higher education advocates were able…

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