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  • 101: Public Awareness: Racial Disparities in Higher Education

    Public AwarenessA national survey conducted by Higher Learning Advocates suggests that the public lacks awareness of achievement gaps in…

  • 101: Equity Gaps in Higher Education

    What is an Educational Equity Gap?An educational equity gap is where there is a significant and persistent disparity in…

  • It’s Time for a Real Definition of Student Success

    A successful college journey can include completion metrics while capturing other important elements of the student experience

  • Credential Transparency: Essential for Education and Training Accountability

    A full and intentional commitment to open data and transparency is crucial for the future of new credentials

  • 101: Postsecondary Data

    What is postsecondary data?Postsecondary data captures information related to institutions of higher education (IHEs) – including colleges, universities, and…