Today’s Students and the Evolving Equity Movement in Higher Education

Family celebrating with Grad

The march toward equity has been, for nearly a century, a hallmark in the history of American education. The movement gained nationwide momentum with the historic Brown v. Board of Education decision at the Supreme Court, which found school segregation unconstitutional and established full and equal access to public education as protected under the Constitution.…

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How Tennessee is Writing a New Narrative about College Opportunity

Student with backpack leaving building

The last few years have been a time of pivotal change and dramatic progress in Tennessee, and our state’s focus on higher education has played a significant role in this advancement. We are experiencing record low unemployment, leading the nation in the growth of student outcomes in K-12 education, and are proud to be home…

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Parent, Provider, Employee and Student: Making it All Work

Editor’s Note: This article is an expanded story based on John Englehart’s video submission to Voices of Today’s Students,  a national campaign to educate policymakers about the demographic shift and experiences of the modern higher learning student, highlight their needs, and discuss policy barriers and solutions to increasing student success. My story as a non-traditional…

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