[STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to the Department of Education’s Experimental Sites Initiatives

Washington, D.C. (May 20th, 2019) Today, Julie Peller, executive director of Higher Learning Advocates, released a statement responding to the U.S. Department of Education’s announcement to launch a new experimental site to create greater flexibility in the Federal Work Study program and an expansion of an existing site to provide more incarcerated individuals the opportunity to pursue higher education.

“Exploring ways to make Federal Work Study more career-relevant for students is laudable and needed. We hope the Administration, with this new experimental site, will find ways to encourage work study to be more aligned with students’ fields of study as they are opening job opportunities with more private sector employers.

Expanding Second Chance Pell gives more of today’s incarcerated students the opportunity to gain access to skills that enhance their economic returns upon their release and reduces recidivism. We urge the Department to consider quality parameters for eligible programs to ensure that these opportunities are providing students with positive outcomes.”


Higher Learning Advocates is a nonprofit advocacy organization working to shift federal policy from higher education to higher learning—education and training beyond high school that leads to a degree, credential, or employment. While more students are participating in higher education than ever before, there is a vast and growing disconnect between federal policy and the needs of today’s students, employers, and communities. We are working toward federal policies that create transparent pathways to success, incentivize innovation, protect students and taxpayers, and improve outcomes.