We are working to shift the conversation and support a policy environment that enables a system of higher learning focused on quality, outcomes and today’s students.

  • Champions Network: Policy Principles

    Download the Policy Principles one-pager to learn more about the five key federal policy issues supported by the Higher Learning Advocates Champions Network.

  • Defining High-Quality Higher Learning

    With a growing public focus on the value of higher education and new providers serving today's students, Higher Learning Advocates releases new principles outl…

  • Read the New Higher Learning Advocates Policy Framework

    Federal policy needs to catch up with today’s students and shift from a focus of ‘higher education’ to ‘higher learning’—education or training beyond high scho…

  • Policy Framework

    Higher Learning Advocates' policy framework outlines policy ideas for shifting the focus of federal policy from higher education to higher learning by ensuring…

  • Higher Learning Advocates

    Higher Learning Advocates is a non-profit advocacy organization working to shift federal policy from higher education to higher learning—education and training…

  • Higher Learning Advocates: From Higher Education to Higher Learning

    An overview of why its time for Higher Learning Advocates.