We are working to shift the conversation and support a policy environment that enables a system of higher learning focused on quality, outcomes and today’s students.

  • Our Policy Framework

    It’s time to change the focus of federal policy from ‘higher education’ to ‘higher learning.’

  • Issue Brief: Multiple Pathways & Quality Assurance

    The world of credentials is much broader than a 2- or 4- year degree. One in four Americans has a non-degree credential or certificate. We invest around $150 b…

  • Exploring Key Questions: Program-Level Repayment for Higher Education Accountability

    A growing number of advocates and policy experts believe that institutions of higher education should be held accountable for repayment rates based on their sp…

  • Survey Reveals Gap Between Public and Policymakers When it Comes to Understanding Today’s College Students

    Higher Learning Advocates research tests understanding of today’s college students; finding that while the pop culture archetype still holds sway with many in …

  • The Keys to Quality: Reforming Higher Education Accreditation Policy

    The key to assuring higher education quality in the U.S. is accreditation, the complex system used by the Federal government as a gate-keeping mechanism to ove…

  • Champions Network: Policy Principles

    Download the Policy Principles one-pager to learn more about the five key federal policy issues supported by the Higher Learning Advocates Champions Network.