What is NACIQI?

Established by a Congressional statue in 1992 and maintained in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, NACIQI is responsible for overseeing the federal accreditation recognition process for institutions of higher education and accrediting agencies. Although the decision ultimately rests with the Secretary of Education, this advisory panel provides recommendations on which national and regional accreditors to recognize and provides general advice to ED on accreditation policy matters and decisions. NACIQI holds meetings to review accreditors’ recognition and performance and make recommendations on approving accreditors to the Secretary of Education.

Who is part of NACIQI?

NACIQI is composed of 18 members with six year membership terms. Members are appointed based on their experience and knowledge in the fields of postsecondary education and training and accreditation. Membership terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Committee.

The Higher Learning Advocates “101: NACIQI” explainer provides a quick overview and infographics of the appointed panel that exists as an independent check on accreditors by determining which should receive federal recognition.

Download the 101: NACIQI here.