Policies Impacting Today’s Part-Time Students

Today’s students are more diverse than previous generations. Twenty-four percent are parents, 37 percent are older than 25, 49 percent are financially independent, and 42 percent are students of color. About 40 percent of today’s students attend part-time. Unfortunately, the current higher education system — and the policies that govern it — can result in…

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Backgrounder: Evolving Models of Postsecondary Learning

Author: India Heckstall Today’s students—who are more likely to be workers, parents, returning adults, veterans, and more—may have postsecondary education experiences and pathways that don’t fit traditional molds. They no longer follow a single and consistent pathway to a degree. Today’s students need access to more flexible higher learning pathways and delivery models, as well…

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101: Competency-Based Education

Pillar #1: Advance our agenda

More and more of today’s students are adults, parents and older students who are learning outside the traditional academic calendar and often bring substantial work experience and existing college credit. Increasingly, some colleges and universities are measuring a student’s progress based on learning instead of time using competency-based education (CBE). What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?…

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