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  • The Glossary of Higher Education Policy

    Learn to speak higher ed wonk with our new glossary of higher education policy, which provides concise definitions of commonly-referenced terms.

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to DeVos Changes to Gainful Employment Rule

    A backward step for accountability and outcomes for today’s students

  • Inside Higher Ed: Education Dept.’s Deregulation Push Gets Mixed Reviews

    “Too often, quality and innovation are pitted against each other in the national discourse around higher education policy..."

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to USED Regulatory Proposals

    Smarter Regulations Can Promote Quality and Innovation

  • Education Dive: Aim Higher and PROSPER on the table: What’s the takeaway for higher ed leaders?

    "Both pieces of legislation do deal with expanding student aid into short-term programs, competency-based education, both look at the role of accreditation and…

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to Department of Education’s Regulatory Proposals

    Smarter Regulations Can Promote Quality and Innovation

  • 101: Competency-Based Education

    This new 101 from Higher Learning Advocates for a quick read on what CBE is, and why CBE is a critical tool to better serve today’s students

  • Higher Learning Advocates Responds to House Democrats Higher Education Bill

    Statement responding to the Aim Higher Act

  • Campus to Congress: What policymakers can learn from today’s student affairs

    Executive Director Julie Peller and NASPA President Kevin Kruger wrote an op-ed in The Hill urging a revamp of federal policy to keep up with changing student …

  • 101: Pell Grant Rainy Day Fund

    As the signature federal student aid program providing college access to low and middle-income Americans, the Pell Grant program is a vital bridge to higher ed…

  • New Higher Education Campaign Launches to Highlight  Changing Experiences of Today’s Students Through Their Stories

    Voices of Today’s Students campaign shares stories about the triumphs and tribulations students face and the various pathways they take through higher education

  • Fixing accreditation: The third rail of higher education reform

    Emily Bouck writes in The Hill bipartisan leaders are now recognizing the urgency of modernizing our system of quality assurance and getting students and taxpa…