News Releases

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to DeVos Changes to Gainful Employment Rule

    A backward step for accountability and outcomes for today’s students

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to USED Regulatory Proposals

    Smarter Regulations Can Promote Quality and Innovation

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Learning Advocates Responds to Department of Education’s Regulatory Proposals

    Smarter Regulations Can Promote Quality and Innovation

  • New Higher Education Campaign Launches to Highlight  Changing Experiences of Today’s Students Through Their Stories

    Voices of Today’s Students campaign shares stories about the triumphs and tribulations students face and the various pathways they…

  • Reform Network Brings Rising State and Local Stars to National Higher Ed Policy Debates

    Higher Learning Advocates announces inaugural members of its Champions Network, a new corps of bipartisan leaders applying breakthrough thinking…

  • [STATEMENT] Higher Education Priorities in FY18 Omnibus Spending Bill ​

    Bipartisan agreement includes expanded aid for today’s students, including student parents, working adults and low-income students

  • Congressional Budget Deal and Higher Education Provisions

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (FEB. 9, 2018) -- Today, Higher Learning Advocates released the following statement from Emily Bouck, Policy &…

  • New Framework Calls for Retooling Higher Education Policy to Serve Today’s Students and Workforce Needs

    Higher Learning Advocates released its policy framework, outlining policy ideas for shifting the focus of federal policy from higher education to…

  • New Player in Higher Education Advocacy Expands Bipartisan Team with New Talent

    Higher Learning Advocates announces former Rubio staffer and veteran education communicator to lead communications and policy campaigns.

  • Higher Learning Advocates Launches

    Higher Learning Advocates Sets Out to Change the Conversation Around Higher Education