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Welcome to Insights & Outlooks, an online publication for views, voices, and news from the leaders, reformers, and students who are tackling major challenges and implementing creative solutions to better serve today’s students.

The life experiences, pathways, and needs of today’s students guide us. Here we curate stories that highlight the cutting edge issues affecting today’s students in postsecondary education and the intersection with federal policy. Through this forum, we throw a spotlight on how postsecondary education actually happens and make it easier to create policies that respect and align with reality.

Insights & Outlooks is a publication of Higher Learning Advocates. The views represented are the views of the authors and not necessarily those of Higher Learning Advocates.

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Contributors are leaders with thoughtful insights into the issues that today’s students are facing. Our contributors are from both within and outside of Washington, D.C., and include students, advocates, analysts, policymakers as well as institutional and business leaders.

Submit posts 400-800 words in length in the body of an email to Please include a brief bio in your submission. We reserve the right to edit your submission once accepted. We are not able to accept every post or submission shared with us, but will respond to your submission within 5-10 business days.

Contributors Guidelines

Who is the audience?

The audience for Insights & Outlooks is focused on current issues in federal higher education policy. This includes advocates, policy analysts, researchers, association leaders, state and system heads, heads of institutions, policymakers, and students.

Does content have to be original?

We prefer that submissions be original to Insights & Outlooks, or republished posts 3-6 weeks after they are published on other channels. Authors retain ownership and copyright of their work. Higher Learning Advocates does not claim any ownership or copyrights to material published on this page.

What topics does Insights & Outlooks cover?

The primary focus of this publication are the issues and work impacting national postsecondary education policy. Within that, we focus on the work, challenges and issues that affect today’s students and their success in postsecondary education. Here are policy topics of particular interest to us:

  • Financial aid reforms
  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Accountability
  • Accreditation
  • The Higher Education Act
  • Outcomes-based policy
  • Innovation and technology
  • Changing student demographics
  • Student voices
  • New learning delivery models
  • Pathways between higher education and workforce


What is the appropriate tone and style?

We focus on posts that are substantive, straight-shooting and to-the-point, telling readers quickly what they need to know about an important issue or presenting a unique viewpoint on an issue affecting today’s students. We expect that pieces will have correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Finally, we believe in civility: pieces that appear to use inflammatory language, personal attacks, or inappropriate language will not be considered.

Formatting guidelines

When presenting data in your article, hyperlinks to websites and documents should be used to provide supporting reference. Submitted posts should be between 400-800 words.


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