Issue 24: The Coronavirus Policy Issue

Insights & Outlooks

Working Together During the Crisis

When I was asked to contribute to this blog, I wanted to sit down and write a piece full…

Does Covid-19 Hurt College Dreams Too? 

There is no playbook for how to best respond to a global pandemic, and while it is virtually impossible…

The Future Economic Stability Depends on How Well Higher Education Can Adapt

The great pandemic of 2020 has unarguably changed the way we do business and function in our day to day lives. Routines…



The COVID-19 disruptions have brought inequities into sharp focus. Many of our students come from low-income, working families and are the first in their families to go to college. They are often learning on outdated phones and computers, if they have the equipment at all.


Students, Colleges Adapt to COVID-19 in the “Ground Zero” State

On March 3, Dr. Amy Morrison, president of the Lake Washington Institute of Technology, gave her fellow presidents a…

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