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  • Seeing the Forest Beyond the Trees: Connections in Negotiated Rulemaking

    The US Department of Education’s (ED) proposals for new regulations presented to the negotiating team in the current negotiated rulemaking (aka “neg reg”) are …

  • State and Federal Cooperation Can Improve Higher Education Quality

    A truth that many of us are taught from a young age is the ability to work well with others is a critical component to success. One consistent life lesson is t…

  • Balancing Quality with Innovation: Key Issues at Stake in Negotiated Rulemaking

    This month, watchers of higher ed policy were busy with talk of negotiated rulemaking (or “neg reg”), as the U.S. Department of Education kicked off a series o…

  • 101: Negotiated Rulemaking

    The Higher Education Act (HEA) requires the U.S. Department of Education (ED) to use the negotiated rulemaking process in order to make any changes to programs…

  • A Year in Review: Reflections on 2018 and the Year Ahead

    As the field leads on higher education reform, will it spur a breakthrough moment for federal higher education policy?

  • Setting the Agenda: Key State Higher Ed Issues to Watch in 2019

    Recapping big themes in state higher education policy and their impact post-midterm elections

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