Issue 19: Returning Students and Adult Learners

Insights & Outlooks

North Carolina Embraces the Challenge of Affordability and Quality in Higher Education

North Carolina is embracing the challenge facing many states to address issues of affordability and quality in higher education,…

Listening to Learners: What Non-Completers Have to Tell Us About Education Policy

Policymakers recognize that to remain competitive in a global, tech-enabled world, the United States will need an ever more…

Adults Completing Degrees—How Tackling A Persistent Problem Creates New Value

The urgency to integrate adult learners into national and regional economic growth plans is—finally—tangible. Colleges and universities are reporting…

Today's Students


In order to ensure the success of these diverse backgrounds— both academic and professional — the student’s individual experience is a key factor in optimizing the benefits derived from post-secondary education.


One Student at a Time

Higher education has served an important role in facilitating national, state, local, and household well-being and prosperity. However, as…

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