Issue 21: Equity Implications for Higher Education Policy

Insights & Outlooks

The Equity Imperative in Higher Education Policy and Practice

As a first-generation college graduate employed by an organization that promotes equity in higher education policies and practices, I…

Equity—It Takes a College

Colorado has a problem, and we’re not alone. For many years, Colorado has had one of the highest post-secondary…



Today, even though the U.S. population is becoming increasingly diverse, Black and Latino adults are less likely to hold a college degree than White adults did in 1990, and are underrepresented at public colleges and universities in nearly every state. Meanwhile, two-thirds of U.S. jobs require education beyond high school as the price of college climbs higher and higher.


3 Ways Federal Policy Solutions Can Level the Playing Field in Higher Education and the Economy

Education and the economy are two of the top five issues for 2020 voters. So, it’s no surprise that…

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