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Reimagining Higher Ed for Equity and Student Parent Success

“Was higher ed designed for minority students?”  A student asked this question during a Temple University “Sociology of Education” class…

Higher learning for a higher purpose: Fighting inequality in the ‘human work’ era

COVID-19 has upended the global economy with astonishing speed and severity. Millions have had their work environments drastically changed,…



I am in my senior year and want to take advantage of networking opportunities for my future career, but do I just become a non-present parent for my kids? Do I delay adjusting my immigration status until I am done with school, but risk losing status and being deported? What do I do? It’s a question no one else can answer for me.


Fall 2020: A Senior In The Making, A Mother Soon Breaking

I, like the rest of nearly four million student parents, am already juggling a million different tasks all at…

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  • Is Online Higher Education Working? Only Data Will Tell


    As thousands of colleges and millions of college students prepare for a fall semester that will likely be partially or fully online, it may not have been comfo…

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