Higher Learning Advocates’ Statement on President Biden’s Budget Proposal

WASHINGTON – Higher Learning Advocates (HLA) released a statement in response to the unprecedented support for today’s students from the Administration demonstrated in the release of President Biden’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2024 today.

“This is such an exciting development that recognizes in order for students to succeed, we must look outside the bounds of traditional higher education levers to provide holistic support services and clearer pathways for today’s students,” said Julie Peller, executive director of HLA.

Low-income students pursue higher education to make a better life for themselves and their families. The largest barriers they face in higher education are related to challenges outside of the classroom, including access to basic needs such as food, health care, housing, and child care. The budget explicitly mentions removing barriers for postsecondary students to access SNAP benefits in addition to two FIPSE grants, one to invest in an infrastructure to better connect students with non-student aid public benefits and the other to bolster campus supports to address the growing mental health crisis at college campuses. Both are high priorities for HLA, addressing two of the largest root causes that have resulted in 39 million adults with some college but no credential.

Additionally, the Administration’s commitment to increasing funding to community colleges to strengthen partnerships with public workforce systems and employers is one of the basic tenants of HLA’s Widen the Path (WTP) campaign.

Higher Learning Advocates and the Today’s Students Coalition thanks President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Secretary Cardona for their continued support of today’s students and look forward to working with the Administration, colleges and universities, and other key stakeholders to continue to support students inside and outside of the classroom.


About Higher Learning Advocates

Higher Learning Advocates is the leading bipartisan nonprofit organization that advocates for today’s students and their postsecondary success through policy and systems change. Established in 2017, HLA advocates for policies and support programs that ensure opportunity and promote inclusive pathways for all learners to succeed through an equitable system of higher learning, employment, and economic mobility.