Decoding the Accreditation Process

Today, the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI) will begin meeting to review the status of accrediting agencies, which play the role of gatekeepers to federal financial aid.

We entrust the nation’s system of higher education quality assurance—including accreditors—with ensuring that students use more than $120 billion in federal financial aid at high-performing institutions that produce strong outcomes.

Simple Explanations of Complex Issues

Looking to decode accreditation conversations? Wondering why NACIQI is meeting? Check out these two new resources from Higher Learning Advocates:

  • Our “101” accreditation glossary gives you a handy resource decoding the language used during NACIQI and other accreditation debates.
  • Our “101” explainer on NACIQI provides a quick overview and infographics of the appointed panel that provides an independent check on accreditors by determining which should receive federal recognition.

NACIQI Inforgraphic

101: NACIQI and 101: Accreditation Glossary are the latest in a series of Higher Learning Advocates explainers looking at key policy issues in postsecondary education. For more information or to suggest a topic for an upcoming 101 feature, contact our Policy & Advocacy Director Emily Bouck.