Low-Income Community College Students Most Likely to Cancel Plans

Source: Inside Higher Ed
Julie Peller, executive director of Higher Learning Advocates, said, “It just puts data behind what we all know: lower-income, working adults and student parents are being hit hardest and are needing to make difficult choices to stop or drop out of college during this pandemic in ways that some of their peers are not.” Read…
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What to expect in the lame duck

Source: Politico
Higher Learning Advocates, a bipartisan policy organization, and other groups, are urging Biden to pick an Education secretary “who holds both classroom experience and higher education experience” — a role that’s often been held by someone with more K-12 education focus. Read the full piece here.
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Columbia may look whiter and wealthier next year. Here’s why.

Source: Columbia Spectator
Julie Peller, executive director of Higher Learning Advocates, told the Hechinger Report that the FAFSA application is often the first step students take when applying to college. FAFSA applications are strong predictors of student enrollment, particularly for low-income students who depend on the FAFSA to pay for college. Read the full piece here....
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A worrying trend this fall: decline in FAFSA applications

Source: The Hechinger Report
For the 2021-2022 school year, the FAFSA application cycle that opened on Oct. 1 ends on June 30. Submitting a FAFSA early has its benefits, while waiting to submit can have long-lasting consequences. “State aid – and many states rely on FAFSA completion – is a lot of times first come, first served, even for…
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AM in the AM

Source: KMAland
Executive Director Julie Peller spoke with KMAland Broadcasting about higher education during the pandemic. Listen here.
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Nation Swell

Higher Learning Advocates, a D.C.-based advocacy group, says that today’s students are older, more racially diverse, and have far fewer life options than the mainstream narrative would lead us to believe. Only 13% of college students live on campus, and two-thirds of all students work in order to make tuition payments or other expenses. Two in ...
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Julie Peller, Higher Learning Advocates

Source: WHII-TV Beaufort News
Executive Director Julie Peller spoke with WHII-TV Beaufort News about how colleges and universities should be flexible with students as they return for fall semester and how federal policymakers can better support today’s students.
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Emergency aid needed for fall semester students

Source: CBS19 News
Executive Director Julie Peller joined CBS19 News to discuss how federal funding can help today’s students, who have been hit hard by the pandemic. “Being sure that students are a part of that conversation and students’ needs outside of the classroom are a part of that conversation is something that we’re fighting for this fall.”&...
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